New Features Coming to the iPhone 6 in 2020

By Yassine Samma - January 23, 2020

We might not have had the iPhone 6 reveal of our lives (you know, with a glittering, glowing larger-than-life model getting lowered down from the WWDC heavens like a Bluetooth-enabled Beyoncé), but it was discussed in a read-between-the-lines sort of way thanks to a generous helping of iOS 8 scoop that placed your iPhone at the center of your health and your home.

We know the next operating system has a whole kit devoted to syncing your mobile life up with the smart appliances and settings around your house, but an Apple patent reveals a new feature for future iPhone models that will bring your phone up to speed with your Lyric thermostat and your Aros A/C. Apple was recently granted a patent that would enable your device to automatically unlock depending on where you are.
In the drawing taken from Apple’s patent filing, the auto-lock system is shown detecting different devices at home. Here, your pad becomes the wearable that unlocks your iPhone to say it’s just you using it to check Twitter. The feature could work while you’re at your crib, at work, at a friends — adjusting its security levels based on locations you’ve told it are safe. In not-so-safe spots, you could boost security features, like having to enter your code and use Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint scanner to log on.

There’s also an exciting newsflash for anyone out there rocking the Spiderman App, aka a shattered web-like screen (get it?!) courtesy of a couple spills. It’s rumored that the iPhone 6 screen will be made of scratch resistant, durable sapphire — and this video, posted today on MacRumors, puts a mock up of its front panel to a bend test.

Don’t get too excited just yet, patents don’t mean insta-products (we’re still waiting on that MacBook Sun…) and the sapphire screen is still a rumor, but we’ll keep you updated with all the news and updates we download about the iPhone 6 ’til we’re Yo-ing you from it!



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