How to Choose The Best Travel Camera for Beginners

By Yassine Samma - August 26, 2019

How to Choose The Best Travel Camera for Beginners

Buying your first camera for travelling is not an easy job. You want to get your hands on the best travel camera that will be suitable for your travel needs. If this is your first travel camera, it can feel a little intimidating knowing what to look for in a travel camera as a beginner.
You’ll want to get the best camera, but your budget is limited, or you can’t understand all the jargons the pros are using. Well, I’ve created this guide to help you with everything you’ll need to know to buy the best travel camera for beginners. When I was buying my camera, I had so many questions like:

  • What camera accessories should I get for my new camera?
  • What is the best camera for travel blogging?
  • What type of travel photography do I like?
  • Do I need a camera with 4K video?
  • Should I get the kit lens, zoom lens or prime with my travel camera?
  • How many megapixels should my camera have?
  • How much should my budget be for a travel camera be, as a beginner photographer?
  • What’s the best mirrorless camera for travel?
  • What’s the best mirrorless camera for travel?

I was just starting out, so I didn’t want to spend that much on my first camera.Plus, I had friends who had these big DSLRs, and I was not a fan of lugging, two tons of brick around my neck all day while travelling.

After months of research on the best camera to buy for travel and many many visits to the camera store. I brought what is still one of the best cameras for travelling, that is compact and produces professional level image quality.
This guide basically covers all the questions that I asked when I was buying my camera and that I now get asked by people every day.I have broken everything down in an easily understandable format starting from the basic point and shoot travel cameras to the bigger full frame DSLRs.


4K Video

When I was looking for my first camera everyone told me that I had to have a camera that could do 4k video, because that would give me the best video quality. Now, I realised that most people don’t watch videos in 4K, and unless you are planning on doing some Discovery Channel level travel videography.


The size of the resolution of a camera is known as megapixels. The higher the number of megapixels, the higher the image quality. You don’t need a camera with super high megapixel, any camera with a megapixel of 20 and up, will be good at taking travel photography.


Starting off I looked at the numerous dimensions and weight of the travel cameras on the market. The last thing you want to get is a big camera that you will lug around all day while travelling. The camera you pick should be lightweight and compact, easy to throw into a backpack and take on your travels without adding extra bulk to your existing travel gear.However, the bigger the camera, the larger the sensor


For me, my travel camera had to have its own WIFI and Bluetooth capabilities. This was a deal breaker for me.It was imperative that the travel camera I got have these functions.

Types of travel photography

What you will be taking photos of while you are travelling will determine the best travel photography camera for you. Your travel photography style may even influence the lenses that you choose to get.

Camera Looks

Now I know a lot of people might not think that the way a camera looks matters but do!I am a bit vain, but I don’t care.I looked at all the cameras that had everything I wanted in a travel camera, and then I thought to myself.
Does this camera look good in my hands and around my neck?When I see this camera does it make me excited to go out and shoot travel photos or just photography in general?If the answer were no, I would not get that camera.
There is no point getting the most expensive camera on the market, if it’s bulky, takes up space and doesn’t get you excited to go out and shoot or feel right to carry around. You just wouldn’t use it and that will be money wasted.



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